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Thermadome Smoke Vents

Thermadome smoke vent rooflights are supplied with thier own PVC kerb for fixing directly to the roof deck and then weathered in the traditional manner with the roofing membrane being dressed up the outside of the PVC. Alternatively if a kerb is being constructed as part of the roofing system (metal roofing or a builders timber kerb) we are able to supply a cowl detail to cover the join between the supplied PVC kerb and the existing kerb. PVC kerbs are available in 150mm and 300mm heights in a wide range of standard sizes with 140° hinged opening.

Thermadome Smoke Vent

A typical Thermadome automatic smoke vent system includes the smoke vent located at the highest point of an escape route staircase or at the top of a smoke shaft. Smoke detectors and manual control points are normally located on each floor and the entire system can be controlled by a Therma-vent control panel.

Thermadome smoke vents are available in a wide range of standard sizes and with various glazing option choices (double or triple skin polycarbonate with a clear, opal diffused, or bronze finish) with a large selection available on very short lead times.

The smoke vent control panel is supplied ready to install with batteries fitted and all internal wiring complete and tested. This enables quick installation times with vertually no scope for wiring errors. It can be installed to operate as a simple centralised 'standalone' system or as a larger decentralised or 'networked' system with additional control panels (see diagrams below).

The system can be designed to automatically open on receipt of a smoke signal or it can be controlled by the control panel on instruction of the fire services. Alternatively the Thermadome smoke vents can be linked to a Building Management System (BMS) for complete monitoring.

The Thermadome single hinged smoke vents meet Part L of the building regulations (when supplied with a triple skin polycarbonate top) and they will also comply to BSEN12101-2.

Thermadome Stand Alone Smoke Vent System
Thermadome Networked Smoke Vent System

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