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Stardome Smoke Vents

Stardome smoke vent rooflights can be supplied with thier own kerb for fixing directly to the roof deck from either aluminium or PVC, and then weathered in the traditional manner with the roofing membrane being dressed up the outside of an insulated kerb. Alternatively if a kerb is being constructed as part of the roofing system (metal roofing or a builders timber kerb) we are able to supply a kerb adaptor manufactured in aluminium to suit your exact kerb sizes. Both aluminium options are polyester powder coated white as standard and can be thermally broken to suit the requirements of Part L of the building regulations.

Stardome Hinged Smoke Vent

Single hinged units available opening to 90° or 140° whereas double pitch units are only available with 90° openings. The lid or top of the unit can be supplied in three forms:

The lid or top of the unit can be supplied in three forms:

  • Solid metal panel, insulated and polyester powder coated - Generally at the head of a smoke shaft when only ventilation is required instead of natural light.
  • Glazed top in single, double or triple skin polycarbonate.
  • Glazed top with a double glazed glass unit with a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane.
Stardome AOV louvred smoke vents are lightweight, compact, maintenance free and suitable for installation on flat or pitched roofs. The multi-channel drainage system and overlapping louvres guarantee a rain-proof system. All components are corrosion resistant and the ventilator side panels are reinforced by inner and outer longitudinal profiles. The louvred smoke vents must be fitted to builders timber kerbs and flanges are provided to suit almost any specific requirements.

A choice of louvre blade materials is available, including those that allow daylight into the building:

  • Single skinned aluminium.
  • Double skinned aluminium.
  • Multi-wall polycarbonate.
  • Single skinned laminate saftey glass.

The Stardome single hinged smoke vents can be thermally broken to meet Part L of the building regulations (when supplied with a triple skin polycarbonate top) and they will also comply to BSEN12101-2.

The double pitch smoke vents can not be thermally broken to meet Part L of the building regulations, but it will comply to BSEN12101-2.

The louvred smoke vent can not be thermally broken to meet Part L of the building regulations and will not comply to

All Stardome smoke vents operate via a 24V DC power open/power close actuator, which must be operated by a CE certified battery backed control panel.

Double Pitch Smoke Vent Louvred Smoke Vent

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