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Building Regulations

The design of natural smoke ventilation systems for buildings is governed by Building Regulation Approved Document B.

For Residential buildings the basic requirements of Approved Document B state that a smoke ventilation system must be provided if the travel distance between an apartment door and the nearest escape exit is greater than 7.5 metres.

Approved Document B identifies a number of situations where AOVs to provide natural ventilation are
appropreate, including:

  • Small single stair block of flats.
  • Common escape routes in larger blocks of flats.
  • Basement areas.
  • Enclosed car parks.
  • Vertical smoke shafts, as part of a smoke control design.
140 Smoke Vent
In several cases, Approved Document B specifies the minimum 'free area' of ventilation - Generally either 1 square metre or 1.5 square metres.

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